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Mike, a boy with dreams of naked zoey playing volleyball with his...volleyballs. He has firepower brighter than a 4th of July sparkler. Jenny, your run-of-the-mill bitch, usually finds herself raped or nearly raped, like every other Girl. Justin... a suicidal freak who'd rather run inside faster than Leeroy Jenkins, who by the way is one of his role models, than make something out of his life. Usually the only things you would here from him consists of For and Narnia. When Justin's mom was pregnant, she watched Narnia. All of a sudden, Justin yelled, For Narnia! He shot out of his mom, hit the TV with his head, and slinged back in attached to the umbilical cord like a ball in a cup. WOW! Billy Bob was raised by 2 hillbillies high on oxy cotton who found the baby in a crate of empty mountain dew cans. actually, billy bob had like, 3 lines or something so far, even less, so there's not much to say about this kid. Zoey, the one mike can never keep his lotion far away from. Zoey got punch, and she won't joke around when she gets pissed.   Mrs. Hawt, the biggest skank of 'em all, uses her sexiness as a weapon, along with her .357. She teaches the kids what would happen if you do aggressive cocaine and end up on a street corner. Teaching is a day job, but around night she takes to the streets to rid of all who feel horny while driving a station wagon. Enjoy the story, and keep up with the apocalypse, cause no matter what, these kids won't stop it. Alex is somehow able to create events just by saying it. Half the time, he's accompanied by a brick. For instance, if he says ANYTHING AT ALL that could be taken literally, will be, so if he says, Get away from that window it's dangerous, a brick will smash through the window and bitch-slap you in the face. Benny

Creator: lordCampfires22
Storyboard director: Tauntingpanther
writer: lordCampfires22
co-writer: Tauntingpanther
Storyboard: sgt
Editor: lordCampfires22


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