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DeadZone Zack

  A classic way of having a dangerous zombie infection unleash upon the world is having some super special screw up and make zombies, then promise to help everybody though the apocalypse, only to have them either finish off the survivors or do nothing at all. How about we say that happens here? Trinity corp., the screw ups here, died doing nothing. Everybody was left to fend for themselves, but some dicks run around shooting whoever they see.

            “Zack pick up!” the words Zack made out of the static-y radio. “What?” Zack answered back. “meet me in the forest I have something to show you!” “Wait, how do you know my name?” After a few minutes there was no answer, so Zack assumed it was a bandit ambush, bandits being the dicks running around shooting people. Zack headed off to the forest, Zack being the main, sane, character. He arrived at the forest and saw waited in an open clearing, “Hewro?” 5 bandits came out with a knife, and a banditette, banditette being a bitch who runs around shooting whoever they see. And she was pretty hot too. Blonde, nice ass, double Ds…Oh right, Zack was cornered by bandits and a sexy beast. “Give us all backpack and we won’t hurt you, all that much,” Said the woman. Zack took out a pistol and shot her pistol out of her hand, and then all the bandits dropped down and were fighting over it, except the civilized bandit mistress. Zack ran at her with all force, but she tucked Zack’s head deeply into her breasts. He was paralyzed. Then she waved her boobs to and fro, as to smack Zack repeatedly in the face with them. He fell to the ground, and his left eye was black. Then, a man came up from behind Zack and stabbed the banditette in the boob. “AHH! My girls!” “Thanks,” Zack said. “Your welcome. I’m Gus. You must be Zack.” “Your game sucks, Gus.” “I know…I know...We need to go now!” Gus helped Zack up and ran for the bunker close by. The banditette took out the knife and threw it at Zack, but because this isn’t Cod, the sharp side doesn’t always hit, so Zack was hit in the head by the handle. “Ow!” The other bandits this entire time were fighting over the gun, and probably shot each other a few times. She reached in and grabbed the gun, then aimed at Zack, then pulled the trigger, only the ammo was lying in the bodies of dead bandits. “YOU IDIOTS!” She took a bandit and beat him down with her boobs. Gus and Zack rushed to the bunker and closed and locked the door. “We made it!” Zack jumped up and down and cheered. “Zack, I need you to do some things.” “Like what?” “We need to get out of here, this place is crawling with bandits. We need to go to the DeadZone.” “Yaaayyy!” “Zack, I need you to get a car, keys to a private jet, food, and ammo.” Zack took his backpack and poured out boxes of food and ammo. “Ok, now we need a car and keys to a private jet.” “Where the hell am I supposed to find keys to a private jet???” “The Trinity Corp. HQ!” “And a car? Every car that spawns is completely broken down and missing every vital part.” “Find the parts!” “Why do I have to waste time finding the parts when we can go down to the DeadZone and get cars in complete condition!” “Just find the parts, dick.” Gus took out a sleeping bag and hid himself inside of it. “Gus! Gus! Are you mad that my game was better than yours?” Gus didn’t answer back, so Zack got up and set out to find those parts.

DeadZone Zack pt. 2

            Zack left the forest in search of jet keys and a car. After 5 hours of walking in the same direction, he hit a town with a ship at the end of it. As soon as he went in the town, there was intense gunfire. 2 groups of people were shooting each other down. Zack kind of just sat and watched. There were people dressed in red on the ship, defending it as it seems, and some guys in blue, on the ground assaulting the ship. Soon the blue started to lose, were pushed back to where Zack was sitting. Then some random guy came stumbling in and landed in Zack’s arm. “Take this!” The man thrusted a locket in Zack’s face. “Um…okay.” Zack dropped the guy and took the locket. Then, as he looked down to put it in his pocket, he realized that his shirt was blue. “Everyone fall back!” someone grabbed Zack and dragged him away. ”Hey, wait, stop! I’m not a part of this!” They bought him into a barn in the next town over. Then an old guy stood up on the top of the barn. “We lost the fight today, but we will flood the dam!” Everybody started cheering. “Who’s the old man?” Zack asked. “He’s Lenny Blackman. He formed us together in order to take the ship shoot the gun at the dam. It’ll flood out the infection and cleanse the earth!” “I guess that sounds pretty reasonable. But what’re the reds doing?” They once were us. But Lenny’s twin brother, Benny Whitewoman, thought that we should shoot “the gun at the dam across from the other dam.” “Was there a gas leak or something?” “You!” Lenny Blackman yelled. “New recruit! Come up here and bathe in the order our clan showers you with!” Zack got up, shot Lenny, and walked away. Everybody just kinda stared him off. He walked back to the ship, with a white shirt, and got on. “Stop! What’re you think you’re doing!” the reds yelled. “Both of the dams dams up the same river. IT IS NOT GOING TO MAKE A FUCKING DIFFERENCE!!” Zack pushed by the guards and walked up to Benny Whitewoman’s room. “How about you blow them both up!? Or how about you don’t blow any of them up and just go home and acted like none of this happened?! Oh, but no, you have to waste perfectly good ammo and guns and colored clothing, just so you can blow up basically the same god damn dam!!” Benny looked really confused and said nothing. Zack walked up to the ship’s controls and moved the gun. Then stopped it at the BLUE dam. At that instant. Benny jumped up and tackled Zack. Zack pushed Benny off, and got up. Then he took a fire extinguisher and beat Benny until he stopped breathing. The reds all ran up in the room and focused their guns at Zack. “Oh no…I was just talking to him and… he ran into a door, and I-”Zack stopped abruptly and hit the button. The ship’s gun shot and slowly hurled towards the cement dam. They sky lit up in flames and the gleam of the stream and rivers flowing down the remains of the dam blinded everybody standing agape on the deck of the metal-clad ship. “Oops.”

DeadZoneZack pt. 3

The translucent solution of hydrogen and 2 oxygen flowed past the crusty clusters of barnacles on the ship’s cold, metallic exterior. Everyone scattered across the deck and hoped they weren’t thrown off the side. The ship began to tip to the side, as the old ship couldn’t handle this much pressure humping up against it. Zack put himself back together, gathering the contents of his spilled backpack, and, with 3 quick shots at the nearest window, he jumped through the glass and made his way to the top. The ship was completely upside down, speeding through the streets, zombies climbing onto the ship as Zack attempted to deal with the onslaught. Buildings came out of their foundations and hit the ship to the side, mowing the flood and the ship into the forest. The ship hit 2 trees and tipped in a position as to make a temporary dam and Zack flew off.

            “Gus! Gus! Hurry up we have to go right the fuck noooow!!” Zack yelled as he was stumbling towards the tent. Gus crawled out and yawned. “Oh, it’s idea stealer,” He said. “What do you want? Did you get the keys and car?” “Forget that, we have to split!” Zack grabbed Gus’s wrist, but Gus regained control and got loose. “Why what’s going on?” Gus stood, back turned to the ship as it split in half and allowed and water through. Instead of answering Gus, he turned and ran. Gus was swallowed in the flood and quickly headed down the rapids. Zack couldn’t escape and eventually the flood caught him too. He floated through the water, thinking of a way out of this. He looked around, only to see bodies everywhere. Then, out the corner of his eye, he spotted a glimmer in the water. He jetted towards the shiny object, and grasped it with full force. Keys! Zack screamed in excitement, only to have the last of his oxygen supply to float to the surface.  Zack hit a building and he slipped into the doorway. He was quickly pounced on by zombies. He stabbed one with the keys and threw the body on the other zombies, then rushed up the stairs, while the flood tailed right behind him. He got to the top and saw all kinds of equipment, and realized he was in a radio tower, at the airport. The airport was barricaded, so it didn’t flood much on the actual strip, and bandits could be seen flocking to the nearest piles of rubble to armor the barricades. Then he spotted Gus being handled by some bandits. Gus tried to fight back, but was tossed to the ground and beaten. All kinds of other bandit groups, Reds and zombies that were mixed in the flood were fighting back too. Zack dived out of the window and landed on a bandit. He got back up and dashed towards a hanger. It was a jet! Zack got down, avoiding getting shot in midst the battle. Zack sprinted to Gus to help him, and they loaded onto the jet. Zack put in the keys. “Hurry, Zack, the barricades are breaking!” Gus worried.  Zack inserted the keys, but they didn’t even fit. Zack threw them down and took out a gun. “Ok, the keys don’t work, so I’ll shoot you first and then you shoot me, alright?” “Whoa, wait!” Gus ducked down as Zack shot, and the shot went straight into the jet engines. The engines ignited instantly and propelled the jet as full speed. Zack strapped into the pilot’s seat and Gus held on for dear life. “PULL UP!!!” Gus competed with the loud engine noise. Zack pulled up out of the battle zone, all the bandits watching as the jet flew off. Then all of their attention was fixed on the exploding dam. The airport was leveled in seconds.

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