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Thankfully, No one died in the last apocalypse. Everyone took count and noticed that Justin went missing. They searched the parking lot where they last saw him. Jenny and zoey looked everywhere. Mike just looked under the dead zombie's skirts.
"Nothing inside of her," Mike said. "Mrs. Hawt, Justin disappeared could you help us find him?" Jenny asked. Just then mike lifted a zombie skirt and was sucked straight in. When he woke up he was surrounded by snow and Justin was standing in front of him with a suicide bomber look on his face.
"Holy crap, it's another episode." "Narnia.........." Justin orgasmed. Then everyone else floods out of the vagina into Narnia. Mike runs outside and looks around. Everyone else follows. Mike runs to the stairs, then trips and falls all the way down, then cums his pants. When he got up, he saw Mrs. Hawt is wearing a stripper outfit riding on Billy Bob, who was a centaur, and a bunch of black pimps are holding sideways guns towards the kids. "Hey my homie we cool! Mike said as he got up. " Today, we will be victorious! We will have the golden Dildo by the end of this fight! We will have Narnia back! No more shall we take these pimp slaps from someone who isn't a pimp!" Then the pimps and Mrs. hawt went into battle and fought a bunch of guys in hoodies with nerd glasses and driving in station wagons and mini-vans, all super horny and waving money in the air for BJ's and such.  pimp ran up with a pistol and said," YOU BE IS 25 FOOD STAMPS SHORT NIBBA!" Mrs. hawt took out a machete and sliced through and entire crowd, making a sex noise every time she swung her sword. Mike grabbed a sword and got on a horse, then ran into battle. Justin was running around with 2 swords and killing everyone while surfing on a lion. Zoey and Jenny just sat there, when a gold dildo rolled under Jenny's skirt. She picked it up, then all of a sudden, it got a mind of it's own and attempted to rape Jenny, so Zoey helped. Then all the horny fat 40 year old virgins were dead. Then they all came back to life as a zombie. There were no more pimps and the zombies were overwhelming them. Justin went rambo and died. Jenny was raped to death. Zoey, Mrs. Hawt and Mike were stuck in a corner, 

"OHHHHH MEEEHHHHH GEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRD" Yelled Zoey, "I cant believe prom is next week, can you, Jenny?" "FUUUUCCCKKK YOUUUUU!", yelled Jenny. "Sor-",started Zoey.  "Noooo, shut the fuck up Zoey!", yelled Jenny.  "Fi-", Zoey tried to say.  "I will smack you!", Yelled Jenny.    "Know what Jen-"Zoey almost said. That was when Jenny smacked Zoey acrros the face.  LATER THAT DAY, A SWAG FAG walked up to Justin. Justin yelled, "FOR OUR FUTURE SOCIETY!!!" Then randomly blew up with confetti.Mike then said to Jenny, "Well since he is dead I'm gonna ask out Zoey."  "Hey Zoey, wanna go to prom with me?" , said Mike. "Sure" ,Zoey said then she giggled," pick me up at 7."   "You wanna hang out at a hotel wiith me and my friends and their dates?" added Mike. "Sure see ya", responded Zoey  LATER THAT FRIDAY AT 7:30 AT THE HOTEL  "Mike we are leaving hurry up." , said Zoey. "you guys go we will meet you there" ,said Zoey.  When the door closed Mike came out  of the bathroom ready to go. "You know what you deserve?" ,asked ZOey.  "What", asked Mike. "A Blow job" said Zoey seductively. "ok start" said Mike. That was the day Mike lost his bj verjinity. LATER AT THE PROM    Mike and Zoeyy weere dancing when BBAAAAMMMM Zombehhhs. They were all cornered, But mike had one trick up his sleeve. Boooom! A Van reversed into the wall. "Da FUQ", Yelled Zoey. "Remember when I got 3 wishes from the devil ZOEY"  ,said mike. "YAAAHH"" , Said Zoey. "Well he meant 4" ,said Mike. All of a sudden Shit tons of people got out of the van in this order: The mythican gods Moon-Moon and Johnson, Lord campfires, the mighty companion of Johnson Panthataur, Trinity, Witty, Ricky, Andy, 4 Paladins, The Cock sorcerer, and of corse the authors who made these people, nick and Bryant and their friends, Hunter, Vincent, and trent. They killed all the zombies. Then as a victory everybody started doing the Gangnam shake. Then Zombie Justin set off the Megaton Nuke in the school and killed everyone.
Enjoy my Kirby dance! <(*.*<) <(*.*)> (>*.*)> <(*.*)> <(*.*<) <(*.*)> (>*.*)> <(*.*)> <(*.*<) <(*.*)> (>*.*)> <(*.*)> <(*.*<) <(*.*)> (>*.*)>
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